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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Boost Adsense Revenue Secret Weapons

Boost Adsense Revenue With Secret Weapons and Ready Adsense Empire

The videos we saw in the previous post would teach you the techniques on how to boost adsense income to a level you could only dream of. The following are tools that would complement the techniques, and give you a good headstart in earning adsense income and ramping your profits up quickly.

Adsense Gold

Boost Adsense Revenue Tools

What if you know the correct adsense ad format and position, most profitable keywords to use, have tons of useful informational content and can track the performance of your ads to the finest details? Surely that can boost adsense for you in a huge way.

Adsense Gold essentially does all these things for you. It is a complete package with ebook, keyword lists and adsense ad tracking software. You will find an ebook that teaches you how to choose the right ad format and position it in the right spots for the maximum CTR. There is also a ready keyword list with 3600 top paying keywords and free updates. You will also be given over 11,000 articles that you can use as content for your websites.

But the best part of the package lies in the Adsense Tracker. With this cool piece of software, you would know what content is pulling in traffic and clicks, which are the best ad formats, placement and color for maximum CTR and profits. It also tells you where the traffic is coming from and what keywords should you be optimizing for the search engines.

This is a great tool to invest in if you intend to boost adsense revenue and make adsense your long-term income earner.


Boost Adsense Revenue Tools

AdsenseReady is one of the quickest ways for any webmaster especially a newbie to start earning good google adsense income. Since its launch in 2006, it has been a runaway success. It is basically a package of 150 complete websites on some of the most popular and high paying topics. Installation is a breeze. The installation tutorial is a no-brainer and you could get them set up to start bringing in clicks quickly.

The creators of AdsenseReady are already making good money out of adsense and understand the need to create unique content. You would realize that AdsenseReady allows for customization of these sites, whether it is the H1 and title tags, keywords or RSS feeds, you can modify them and the search engines would see your sites as unique.

All the websites are content-rich and optimized for the search engines so that you can start drawing traffic to boost adsense revenue fast.

Instant Adsense Empire

Boost Adsense Revenue Tools

Instant Adsense Empire works on the same concept as AdsenseReady websites. But the package is larger and provides 237 content-rich and keyword-rich websites with over 26,000 pages of content. All the websites are search engine optimized. The set up is simple and all you need is to edit the configuration file and insert your Adsense ID.

The simplicity and generous package makes it a perfect way to start with Adsense for beginners. For the experienced webmasters, it can boost adsense revenue significantly.

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