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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Boost Adsense Revenue Videos

Boost Adsense Revenue – Learn From The Professionals

Adsense Decoded

Boost Adsense Revenue Videos
You may have come across Adsense Decoded before but never took a second look. Adsense Decoded is the most updated adsense guide around. It is a series of 10 videos that promises to cover the whole process to succeed with Adsense in a step-by-step approach. You can always download the videos to watch at your own convenience.

Adsense Decoded Video 1 reveals how the author Dr Patrick Hillenbrand boosted his adsense revenue many times over and the 3 concepts you need to work on to earn Google Adsense mega bucks.

Adsense Decoded Video 2 would reveal tips on the format of ads, colours, etc. Learn how to use the correct ad format and color to maximize profits. Adsense Decoded Video 3 teaches you how to track your ads so as to improve your CTR. Adsense Decoded Video 4 reveals tricks to position your ads at hot spots. Be careful when you apply these tricks as the people would be clicking on the ads and distracted from the rest of your website.

Adsense Decoded Video 5 takes you on a walkthrough on a case study.

Adsense Decoded Video 6 talks about Google Adsense’s Smart Pricing.

Adsense Decoded Video 7 explains how to create good content.

Adsense Decoded Video 8 goes pretty in depth into Adsense Arbitrage and how you can profit using PPC campaigns. Find out how to make so much google adsense earnings without touching Adwords at all!

Adsense Decoded Video 9 covers tips on maximizing from multiple sources of revenue using Adsense websites.

Adsense Decoded Video 10 spills all about interesting techniques to drive massive traffic to your adsense websites.

On the overall, whether you are a newbie or experience Adsense publisher, this video series would propel your google adsense earnings to new heights.

Michael Cheney’s Adsense Videos

Boost Adsense Revenue Videos
Another set of adsense videos that would benefit you greatly is Michael Cheney’s Adsense videos. I take off my hat to this man who managed to build an income in excess of $20,000 every month without running thousands of websites. That’s about $700 of google adsense earnings everyday. Wow! Typically, a webmaster would need hundreds to thousands of websites to generate this kind of income.

If you are not into mass production of websites and get sick and tired of cranking site after site, this is the guy you should learn from. This man does not pay much attention to its sales page but do not judge the content by its cover. The 9 part video series are easy to understand and simple to duplicate. You would laugh at yourself or even beat yourself for overlooking these powerful steps that have dramatically improved the click-through rates for many webmasters. Here’s a quick run through on what to expect from Michael’s video series.

Michael Cheney’s Adsense Video Part 1 – Master the Basics

Michael Cheney’s Adsense Video Part 2 – Lay Strong Foundations

Michael Cheney’s Adsense Video Part 3 – Create Your Money Pages

Michael Cheney’s Adsense Video Part 4 – Power Up Your AdSense Income (Part 1)

Michael Cheney’s Adsense Video Part 5 – Power Up Your AdSense Income (Part 2)

Michael Cheney’s Adsense Video Part 6 – Learn From The Adsense Professionals

Michael Cheney’s Adsense Video Part 7 – Test Your Way To Riches

Michael Cheney’s Adsense Video Part 8 – Explode Earnings Exponentially

Michael Cheney’s Adsense Video Part 9 – Earn More From Each Page

Michael has thrown in some bonus videos that use real examples to illustrate what you can do and what you should avoid with adsense. These bonuses alone are worth more than what you are paying the whole package for.

But to be frank, if you want me to compare Adsense Decoded and Michael’s Adsense Videos, I can say that both have their fair share of merits. But Adsense Decoded is suitable for all levels of adsense mastery while Michael Cheney’s Adsense Videos are more geared towards beginner to intermediate learners. Nonetheless, there are still great tips that can boost adsense revenue tremendously even if you are a veteran.

This is not all। Read the next post for other powerful tools that can put your google adsense income on autopilot mode.

Boost Adsense Revenue

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