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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Boost Adsense Revenue | Tips Part 2

Boost Adsense Revenue - Tips (Part 2)

Boost adsense revenue tips (Part 2) will take you behind the scene to see what tricks webmasters are using to boost adsense earnings.

1. Run Article Directories

Article directories are huge directories of articles submitted by webmasters. You are probably already familiar with them. But if not, go to an article directory such as EzineArticles and browse through the site. Take a close look at each article. Notice those google adsense advertisements? Search engine spiders love to spider and index new content and you can be sure that article directories are favorite hot beds for these spiders. Article directories rise in Google page rank very quickly and attract many visitors. Can the surges of traffic help boost adsense revenue for you? Think about it.

2. Blogging

Heard of millionaire bloggers? This is no joke. There are really millionaires that created such fortunes using blogs and google adsense income. Blogs are popular among the internet community and search engine spiders love them because of the ever-changing updated fresh content. Blogs like Blogger blogs are search engine optimized and rank fast in the search engines.

Hint: Use Blogger blogs (they are favoured by Google) laden with Adsense ads. Be sure to post regularly, no more than 2 times daily and your blog will gain high Google Page Rank within 1 – 2 months. I have many blogs that grew to PR 3 within 1 month or so.

This can really boost Adsense revenue significantly for you.

3. Adsense Arbitrage

Adsense arbitrage has many names such as click swaps, click exchanges or click trading. They all mean the same thing. What you are doing is basically pay cheap clicks for expensive ones. The typical strategy is like this.

a. Set up a mini website, probably 1 – 5 pages. Each website is loaded with content containing high paying keywords and pasted with google advertisements.

b. Set up a campaign at Adwords

c. Compile a huge list of topic-related keywords

d. Set maximum cost per click at 5 cents.

e. Repeat this for another website. Do it for 50 – 100 websites

In summary, you pay cheap 5 cent clicks for each visitor. When the visitor clicks on those expensive text ads on your website, you get paid much more. There are ways to play this approach better to boost adsense revenue even further.

a. Use other cheaper pay-per-click advertising such as GoClick, and Miva to drive traffic. But make sure your website has meaningful content in order not to break the TOS of Google Adsense.

b. Build websites on themes that pay above $1 per click. The reason is not every visitor that lands on your website would click on the google ads. Assuming you are paying 5 cents per visitor, as long as 1 visitor clicks out of every 10 visitors, your google adsense earnings would be $2 for every $1 spent on advertising.

c. Never use this method on cheap and poor converting topics. You will run at a loss.

d. Remember to use call-to-action words like “learn how”, “find out”, “discover”, “free”, “buy”, “how to”, “review” as prefixes or suffixes with your keywords and in the content body.

4. Recycle Traffic

This is a technique used by top google adsense income earners in the market. Whether you are using paid traffic via PPC or organic traffic from the search engines, make every visitor count for you. Here are a few excellent google adsense tips I discovered that would boost adsense revenue substantially.

a. Break Main Content into Sub-pages

Break up your main web topic into sub-topics and create one individual page on each sub-topic. Many webmasters are eager to pack all their information into one single page. What happens is your reader may read the whole article, do nothing and leave. Why not make them stay longer by breaking the whole article into many pages, each elaborating on one point? This dramatically increases the potential for more clicks to boost adsense revenue.

b. Offer a Free Email Newsletter

Create 5-part or 7-part series email newsletters for your visitors. The goal is to capture this visitor’s email address into your autoresponder series. Your autoresponder will follow up with him/her with the newsletter emails, each embedded with a link to your website. In this manner, there is a higher chance your visitor will become a repeated visitor to your site, and this means more clicks to boost adsense revenue for you.

5. Optimize for Long-Tail Keywords

In case you do not know, search engines rank web pages not websites. Don’t be surprised. You can have a PR 4 home page but PR 1 sub page or vice versa. It is entirely possible. But this is good news as you can focus on optimizing each web page for a few long-tail keywords that have moderate demand and low competition. Target about 10 of such keywords for each website.

Long-tail keywords are extension of the main root keyword phrase. For example, ‘adsense revenue’ can be main keyword phrase, while ‘boost adsense revenue’ and ‘tools to increase adsense revenue’ are long-tails. Moderate demand means anything less than 1000 searches per month or 30 search per day. Low competition means normal search engine results of less than 2 million, and less than 2000 search engine results for long-tail keywords in quotes “long-tail keyword” eg “boost adsense revenue” and “tools to increase adsense”.

It is much easier to rank your websites within top 10 using long-tail keywords. 30 searches per day is not a lot, but it adds up when your website is optimized for 10 of such keywords.

Hope this has been useful for you। In the next post, we will take a peek at the tools adsense gurus are using daily to drive obscene amounts of traffic and boost adsense revenue.

Boost Adsense Revenue

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